How to take care of a wooden shingle roof

14 September 2015
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If you want your house to have a quaint, rustic, country feel to it, there is no doubt that the roofing option for you is wood shingles. The effect is something far more old-fashioned and homely looking than slate tiles or a sheet of aluminium. Typically, wood shingles are made from western red cedar as it has properties that allow it to hold up to various weather conditions — even the extreme weather conditions of Australia. Read More 

5 Signs a Metal Roof is Right for You

30 April 2015
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It's time for re roofing. Although you've heard a lot of positive press about metal roofs, you are not sure if you want one. To determine if a metal roof is right for you, take a look at this list. If any of these conditions apply to your roof, it may be time to call a roofer about installing a metal roof on your home: 1. You love colour and want style flexibility Read More