5 Signs a Metal Roof is Right for You

30 April 2015
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It's time for re roofing. Although you've heard a lot of positive press about metal roofs, you are not sure if you want one. To determine if a metal roof is right for you, take a look at this list. If any of these conditions apply to your roof, it may be time to call a roofer about installing a metal roof on your home:

1. You love colour and want style flexibility

Metal roofs have come along way over the years, and if you decide to invest in one, you don't have to restrict yourself to a copper or steel coloured roof. Instead, if you opt for a steel roof such as the type created by Colorbond, you can choose almost any colour you want. You can select the perfect colour to complement your exterior paint and landscaping, or you can even create your own colour.

Additionally, with a metal roof, you are not restricted to one type of style. You can opt for a flat or ridged metal roof, or you can opt for a roof that mimics asphalt shingles, clay tiles or even wood. Metal gives you versatility with style and colour that you don't get with many other roofing materials.

2. You live in a forest

In other cases, the choice to get a metal roof is not built on style but necessity. If you live in a forest or any other area with a high fire risk, a metal roof should be high on your wish list. Metal cannot catch on fire, providing your home with an extra layer of safety.

In some cases, if you live in an area prone to fires, you can even save money on your homeowner's insurance by installing a fireproof metal roof.

3. You love the environment

In addition to keeping your home potentially safer, a metal roof also keeps the entire planet a bit safer and healthier. Compared to asphalt shingles, metal roofs user fewer fossil fuels in their production, and in many cases, you can get metal roofs made primarily of recycled metal, making them even more environmentally friendly.

Once installed, metal roofs continue to be more environmentally friendly. They reflect light, especially if they are light coloured, and that keeps your home cooler, reducing your reliance on artificial cooling methods and saving energy.

Metal roofs are also more environmentally friendly because they last longer. By reroofing less frequently, you send fewer old roofing materials to the landfill.

4. You hate dealing with roofing issues

If you hate dealing with roofing issues, metal roofs are definitely for you. Depending on the type of metal you use in your roof, your metal roof can last anywhere from 35 years to well over 200 years. If you opt for a steel roof, you will likely never have to re-roof your home again during your lifetime.

In addition to not having to deal with re-roofing, you will also deal with fewer repairs. In most cases, metal roofs are not as easy to damage or as prone to wear and tear as other types of roofs are.

5. You have extra money to invest on roofing

Metal roofs offer all of the advantages explained above, but in exchange for those advantages, these roofs carry a slightly higher price tag than many other types of roofing materials. However, although you pay a higher initial cost, it is a true investment into your home's future and when divided out over several years, metal roofs typically cost much less per year than other types of roofs.

Learn more about metal roofing and other options by consulting local roofing companies.