Asbestos Roof Replacement

12 November 2018
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Asbestos roofs are very harmful to your health and can cause asbestosis - a disease that affects the lungs and has caused many deaths. The incubation period between your lungs being infected by asbestos fibres and symptoms of asbestosis showing is usually 10-20 years. Asbestos roofs release fibres when they are disturbed, broken or mishandled.  It is also very easy for asbestos roof sheets to break. Even handling the sheets gently can cause a release of the fibre that you can inhale. Read More 

Two steps you can take to prevent your roof from leaking

4 June 2018
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A leaking roof can result in your home sustaining serious water damage. As such, it's sensible to do what you can to prevent this from happening. Here are two ways to do this. Replace, rather than repair, cracked roof tiles Roof tiles can crack if they are struck by a heavy object (such as a tree branch or a rock, for example) or if they are frequently exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Read More 

3 Indicators You Have the Right Re Roofing Expert

27 March 2018
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Does water seep into your house through the rood during the rainy season? Does the roof rattle when the wind is blowing? These are some of the signs which indicate that your roof needs intensive repairs. However, if these problems are still persistent after several repairs, the best option is to re-roof the entire house. It is important to use the right experts since roofing DIYs can result in costly mistakes. Read More