Asbestos Roof Replacement

12 November 2018
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Asbestos roofs are very harmful to your health and can cause asbestosis - a disease that affects the lungs and has caused many deaths. The incubation period between your lungs being infected by asbestos fibres and symptoms of asbestosis showing is usually 10-20 years. Asbestos roofs release fibres when they are disturbed, broken or mishandled. 

It is also very easy for asbestos roof sheets to break. Even handling the sheets gently can cause a release of the fibre that you can inhale. These fibres are dangerous because they are shaped like hooks, and they attach themselves inside the lungs. Asbestos fibres are dangerous and can cause lung cancer.

In order to remove an asbestos roof, it is important that the roof is removed with minimal damage and then disposed of safely.

Cost of replacement

While the cost of replacing an asbestos roof may be high, it is a dangerous substance, and your safety is paramount. There is no definite cost on how much asbestos removal will cost. This cost varies depending on the size of your roof, how deep the contamination is and where the asbestos is located. Sometimes asbestos fibres can shift from the roof to the walls of a house. Usually, it costs around $80-$110 per square meter to remove asbestos from a roof and $40-$110 per square meter for ceilings.

An option for asbestos removal is encapsulation. It costs $13-$15 per square meter and works to prevent asbestos sheets from breaking. However, you can only opt for this option as an asbestos inspector determines it as a practical solution. It is important to get a few quotes from several companies and know with certainty the services they offer. Some companies also offer different financing alternatives such as paying in instalments.

If you suspect that your roof may contain asbestos, you can have samples of your roof inspected. Asbestos inspection companies charge from $25-$200 for testing a sample of your roof, while asbestos inspectors charge $50-$120 depending on how quickly you want the results. Asbestos roof replacement is not a DIY procedure. This process requires highly skilled professionals that are trained in safety and proper removal. Do not risk your health and safety by attempting to save money on this home renovation process.

Many people choose complete removal, but others choose preventative measures to limit the disturbance of asbestos. Complete roof replacement is, however, the best option due to safety and fewer risks. For more information, contact your local roof repairs service today.