What You Need to Know About Granny Flat Kits

11 August 2022
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A granny flat is a very good addition to make to your property if you have relatives or friends who need a place to stay but can't get one on their own. Maybe housing has gotten too expensive or the people can't be completely independent, but with one of these units on your property, you'll be able to help them out.

The roof of the flat is a major part of the look of the kit because many of these kits come with striking modern sloped roofs, where you have sections at different angles. If you don't like those, though, keep looking because these kits are available in many different configurations.

Here are some features that granny flat kits can come with. 

You Can Get a Variety of Roof Pitches  

Whether you want a flat-looking low-pitch roof, a typical peaked roof where the roof slopes down on two opposite sides from the centre peak, or one where the entire roof is pitched at one angle, you have many choices. Keep in mind which sides of the flat will be exposed to the afternoon sun; those single-slope roofs can expose much of the house to sunlight without shade. And while you can install air conditioning in the flat, sometimes it's better to have passive solar that helps keep the flat cool, to begin with. This includes having the edge of the roof slope down and extend past the wall to form an awning that shades much of the side of the house.

You Have a Choice of Materials, Too

Keep materials in mind, too, for the roof. Many of these kits have Colorbond steel roofs, which are insulated, but you can get more materials if you don't want metal. The weather in your area is a big determining factor in which material you get for the roof. If your area tends to get hail, for example, you don't want ceramic tile because the hail would cause more damage to that type of roof than to a metal roof. The builder you contract with will discuss the advantages of different roof materials with you.

The Roofs May Include Verandah Coverings, Skylights, and More

Keep in mind that the roofs for these flats are not just plain roofs. You can have skylights installed or have verandah awnings attached (both attached as separate pieces and attached as part of the roof, just with a different pattern and construction), along with other options. Many granny flat builders essentially have mix-and-match systems where you can customise the flat.

Contact builders who have granny flat kits and be sure to ask about the roof in addition to the interiors and other features. The roof you choose for the flat will greatly affect the comfort of whoever lives there.