Essential Attributes to Look for in Quality Roofing

15 June 2021
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Strong, secure and energy-smart; these are probably the three main attributes homeowners look at when choosing a roofing material and design. Roofs are exposed to the elements 24/7 and take sustained beatings from the rain, snow and sun. However, the above attributes should be the bare minimum when selecting a roofing material for your new house. Read on for other equally essential elements to look for in quality roofing.  

Wide Colour Range — In the past, roofers and homeowners had to settle for the bland metallic roofs available at the time. Sadly, the uni-coloured roofing deprived houses of their uniqueness, especially in a residential neighbourhood. Besides, it is not easy to achieve design consistency with single-coloured roofing. However, the availability of roofing materials in various colours gives roofers and homeowners design flexibility and a creative licence to create a unique façade. Furthermore, it means that you can choose a roof colour that complements other elements of your home. For instance, you can match the colour of your roof with the gutter or fascia for design consistency. Ultimately, roofing with a wide colour range allows you to set a theme for your entire house.

Fire Resistant — Australia is known for many good things, including the sprawling white beaches, the outback and the famous Opera House. However, Australia is also synonymous with bush fires, which wreak havoc to residential homes every year. For example, bushfires destroyed and damaged approximately 3,000 homes in 2019. Although the government does its best to minimise the devastating effects of bushfires, you can take steps to protect your home. For example, modern roofing is manufactured from non-combustible material with fire resistance capabilities, giving your home a chance to survive a fire, whether natural or artificial. Moreover, the roofing you choose must be easy to seal to keep flying embers and burning ash away from your house.

Maximise Rainwater Collection — Collecting rainwater is a big part of most Aussies' lifestyle, whether in the city or countryside. As long as you have a gutter system in your house, you can collect and store rainwater, which you can use at home and keep water bills low. However, the type of roof you install determines the amount of water you collect. Tiles and concrete roofs are absorbent, meaning that some rainwater is lost before it reaches your gutter system. On the other hand, quality roofing made from corrugated metal with bonded paint seals the surface, ensuring that your gutter system collects every raindrop falling on your roof. Consequently, you can collect more water for domestic use.


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