How Can You Tell How Much Money a Roof Replacement Will Cost You?

27 October 2020
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Getting a roof replacement is a huge investment. Yet, when you repair it, you add the house's lifespan, get better insulation from the heat in summer, cold in winter, and improve the curb appeal of the home. Timely roof replacement can also help save money on insurance and improve the resale value of the home.

However, you can only reap all these benefits after organizing the roof installation project properly and set aside the ideal amount of money as a budget for it. Below are conditions that determine how much money your roof replacement will cost you.

1. What Is the Total Surface Area of the Roof?

You measure the surface area of a roof in square feet. It is determined by the roofing style used and also the size of the house. A roof whose area is a thousand feet will need less material to the roof than one whose surface area is two thousand feet. More material means that you will spend more money purchasing the materials and that the contractor will spend more time on the replacement. You are advised to discuss your roof's area with the contractor before you estimate how much money to set aside for the project.

2. How Damaged Are the Trusses and Other Supporting Structures?

The condition of the wood underlying the roof is another factor that will determine the roof's cost.  In case the current roof has been in place for ten years, it is possible that the truss and the timber frames are rotten and weakened by pests, mould, rotting, and other environmental factors. When the contractor is giving you an estimate for the roof replacement, they usually assume some bits of the underlying wood are not good and factor them in when making the replacement.

3. Which Roofing Material Are You Planning to Use

Some roofing materials will be cheap, while others will be expensive. For example, the cost of asphalt shingles per square foot might be higher than that of metallic roofing. Your geographic location will also come into play because certain materials are expensive in specific geographical locations than others.

Ask for a quote from at least two companies. This will help you decide the best materials to buy and the contractor who will give you the best value for your money when you embark on your roof replacement project. The better the replacement quality, the longer your roof will last. For more information, contact roof replacement contractors.