3 Roofing Tips to Consider When Building a Granny Flat

13 August 2020
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One of the easiest and most economical ways to extend the living space in your home is to attach a granny flat at the back. Granny flats are simple in design, spacious and cheap to build. You can also customise them into a design or shape to match the existing architectural design of your home.

However, before getting a granny flat kit, you need to think about the right type of roof for it. Adding a poorly designed roof on your granny flat can leave the entire home looking unattractive. Worse still, if the roof is not stable, you might be inviting water damage problems into your home. Here are three roofing tips that will help you get the best out of your granny flat.

The Design of the Roof

There are countless roof designs that you can use for your granny flat roof. The most common designs of granny flats are single skillion and double skillion roofs. They are excellent because the roof angle is minimal, and therefore, they blend in well with whatever other roof design you might have picked for the main house.

It is better to invest in an excellent-quality granny roof and pay a little more for it than try to save money on the roof and end up with a weak poorly designed structure, which could lead to water damage inside your extended home.

The Regulations and Restrictions

You have to make sure that both the homeowners association and the government allow the extensions you are planning to add to your home. The local government prohibits certain roof types, and installing them without their consent will only lead to loss of money and your building materials.

Fortunately, the government is currently putting in place measures to make affordable housing accessible to most people. Therefore, you are unlikely to face any challenges getting roofing approval from the authorities.

The Cost of the Roof

The aim of adding a granny flat to your house is to create extra room in the home at an affordable cost. Before settling on specific roofing material and design, compare it with others in the market. Choose the materials that will give you value for your money.

You should also choose the right person to help you with the installation and roofing of your granny flat. This will simplify your construction process and give you a spacious home at an affordable rate.