3 Benefits of Using Fibre Cement Slate Tiles on Your Roof

18 January 2019
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If you want to use tiles on your roof, then you have a few options to choose from. If you like the look of slate tiles, then you may be veering towards using this material. However, you can get a very similar look to slate if you use man-made fibre cement tiles.

Fibre cement tiles may reduce your roofing costs while giving you the same cosmetic benefits as natural slate. What are the other advantages of using fibre cement tiles?

1. Less Weight on Your Roof

Fibre cement tiles can be constructed to look like natural slate, but these tiles are much less heavy. They are made from a mix of lighter materials including cement and fibres.

If you have a lot of roof to cover, then using slate tiles may add a lot of weight to your roof's structure. If your roof isn't going to be strong enough to hold slate, you'll need to reinforce it. Fibre cement tiles won't give you this headache. They'll add less weight to your roof.

2. Easier Installation

Fibre cement tiles are typically easier and quicker to install than slate tiles. These tiles are often pre-drilled. This saves your roofer time, as they can simply slot tiles into place and then attach them without needing to do any other work.

Compared to slate tiles, fibre cement options are also easier to lay on roofs that have a difficult pitch or design. Their cement construction and low weight makes them more flexible than natural slate.

3. Lower Maintenance

You may find that fibre cement tiles are lower maintenance than natural slate alternatives. Fibre cement is strong, sturdy and weather-resistant. Your tiles will also be treated to keep them in good shape. For example, natural slate tiles may be prone to developing problems with moss and algae growth. You may need to have these tiles cleaned off periodically to keep them looking good and to prevent damage.

Fibre cement tiles are usually coated at the end of the production process. For example, tiles may have acrylic coatings added before they are ready to be used. These coatings give tiles more weatherproofing, so they'll stay water resistant for longer. These coatings also make it harder for anything to grow on the tiles. So, you should have fewer problems with moss growth.

If you're interested in having fibre cement tiles installed, contact some local roofing companies. They can show you examples of tiles and tell you more about their benefits.