Answering Your Questions About a Metal Residential Roof

20 March 2017
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A metal roof is actually a very good choice for any home as metal is strong and durable, won't feed a house fire, catch fire if hit by lightning and helps to insulate your home better than many other materials. If you've never had a metal roof installed on a home, you may have some questions about this option; note a few of them here and then discuss this choice with a roofing contractor as needed.

Do you really need a specialty installer for metal roofs?

A metal roof is not simply nailed onto the roof as are standard asphalt tiles but may require special bolts that connect it to the roof rafters. Since this type of work is different than how a standard asphalt tile roof is installed, you will need to find a specialty installer who has experience with metal roofs in particular.

What is the gauge of a metal roof?

The gauge of metal refers to its thickness; it may seem confusing, but the higher the gauge, the thinner the metal itself. Most residential roofs are a 26 gauge thickness, but if your home is in an area prone to strong storms, lightning strikes and other potential damage to the roof, you may want to consider a 24 gauge thickness. If your installer recommends anything with a lower gauge, ask why he or she would think your home needs something that thick.

Will the metal rust?

It's easy to think that any metal automatically rusts over time, especially if it's exposed to consistent rain and snow. However, note that aluminium itself doesn't rust or corrode, and most metal roofs are actually given several layers of different coatings to protect from corrosion, to add soundproofing to the metal and to give it colour. There is usually no need to worry about a metal roof rusting over time.

Can you use recycled pieces for a residential roof?

Whether or not recycled or reclaimed pieces of metal are used would be up to your installer; note that the material used for a metal roof is created by a manufacturer so that it can be properly coated in a factory, as mentioned above. Your roofing contractor doesn't simply use sheet metal that is then bent and shaped over your home's roof. It would be up to your installer to find a roofing materials manufacturer that starts with reclaimed metal, if this is your preference.

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